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    Usage of Blends
    • Pain Relief #1  Works well for joint replacement
    • Pain Relief #2  Works well for people with pain in the spinal column and some tooth aches
    • Pain Relief #3  Works well for shoulder pain
    • Pain Relief #4  Works as a muscle relaxant relieving muscle tension in the shoulders and lower back.  Can also help with knees and pain from the sciatic nerve.
    • Pain Relief #5  Works to relieve pain associated with the kidneys
    • Pain Relief #6  Mainly used for eye strain
    • Pain Relief #7  Mainly used for sinus pain
    • Pain Relief#8  Works well to relieve pain that Pain #2 has failed to relieve completely and also works on a wide variety of other pain.  Sometimes relives pain associated with liver damage
    • Pain Relief #9 Any type of nerve damage
    • Pain Relief #10  Worked on some severe back pain
    • Migraine Relief #1 General relief of migraines
    • Migraine Relief #2  Relieves migraines for most people
    • Osteoarthritis  Relief of arthritis pain typically occurs within one minute.  Incomplete relief usually within 5 minutes
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis  Relief of arthritis pain
    • Gout  Relief of arthritis pain and swelling
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Relief of symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Stress Relief  Helps to relieve tension of everyday stress and enhances the feeling of well-being
    • Depression Relief  Helps to relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed
    • Emphysema  Helps to open lung passages improving the ability to breathe
    • Lungs #2  Helps to open up lungs enabling a person to take deeper breaths
    • Sinus Relief  Opens sinus passages enabling a person to breathe more easily
    • Allergy #1  Temporary relief of mold and fungus allergies
    • Anger Relief #1  Helps to reduce uncontrollable anger
    • Colds  Helps to reduce the symptoms associated with the common cold


    • Essential oil formulas are $10.00 per vial and can last for up to 2 years
    • Please Call for Availability and Shipping Arrangements
    • Shipping Available Nationwide
    • Credit Cards Accepted