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My Oil Formula Origins

My formulas are given to me by God because, alone and without guidance, it wouldn't be possible. When I decide on a particular formula to create I ask God, if he can and will give me the formula, to treat whatever it is I've decided upon.  If the answer is yes, I first ask how many essential oils are to be included, followed by individual and total weights.  The process for this is really quite simple by using a pendulum and a series of charts.  I have received some formulas in less than an hour, while others have taken more than a week.

I previously worked in engineering and if you want to know how to fix a product you ask the one who designed it.  Since God created everything I decided to ask God for the formulas.  To date I have over 50 formulas that I know work.

    • Essential oil formulas are $10.00 per vial and can last for up to 2 years
    • Please Call for Availability and Shipping Arrangements
    • Shipping Available Nationwide
    • Credit Cards Accepted