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Holistic Healing.....

Holistic healing is helping the body heal itself first and foremost.  If you help the body regain its ability to heal itself you can truly improve a person's health.  The essential oil formulas that I offer are only a small part of what a person should do to regain full health.

  • Number one, I believe proper nutrition is extremely important which can be difficult to achieve in today's world of processed foods.
  • Number two, is reducing the amount of stress that we are experiencing in our everyday life.  Most elements start from too much stress in our life that causes the body to create cortisol which attacks and shuts down the immune system.
  • Number three, getting proper amounts of sleep.  This is the most important time for our body to heal itself.
  • Number four, getting more physical activity, again this is difficult in today's world.  Even though you may stand on your feet all day at work this rarely provides the proper type of physical activity needed to keep us healthy.

I believe that my essential oil blends can be a very important part of regaining health and happiness.  If you use my essential oil formulas and they reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you experience it will increase energy, allowing additional exercise and daily activity.


  • Essential oil formulas are $10.00 per vial and can last for up to 2 years
  • Please Call for Availability and Shipping Arrangements
  • Shipping Available Nationwide
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