About Me...

My name is Alan W. Long, I live and work in Madison, Indiana.  I grew up on a 42 acre farm 15 miles from Madison, IN.  During the 25 years I lived on the farm we raised about every time of plant and animal that you can raise on a small farm.  Following this I worked in several of the area factories and was heavily involved with art shows and a wildlife artist for the next 18 years.  During the last 6 years of my factory work I was in the engineering department for Reliance Electric.  From 1987 to present day I own a store, Gifts That Last.  My store is a 2600 ft. retail space where I also specializing in pain management as a certified Reiki Master.  I also sell a variety of items including, but not limited too~
  • loose gemstones
  • minerals
  • fossils
  • greeting cards
  • sterling silver
  • 14k jewelry
  • lead glass crystals
  • Black Hills Gold
  • beaded jewelry
  • loose beads
  • and much, much more. 
  • Essential oil formulas are $10.00 per vial and can last for up to 2 years
  • Please Call for Availability and Shipping Arrangements
  • Shipping Available Nationwide
  • Credit Cards Accepted